Three Phase Electromechanical Socket Energy Meter , Small and Durable 120V 240V


Three Phase Socket type Electromechanical Energy Meter for Residential applications


XLM12 type 110 single-phase watt-hour meters are of inductive types, used for measuring the active electrical energy of single-phase AC line whose reference frequency is 50(60)Hz. The meters should be fixed installed indoors (outdoors), the applicable environmental temperature is ?0?-50? relative humidity not exceed 85%, the ambient air should be free of corrosive gas, and the products should be kept away from dust, salt fog or condensation.

The technical indexes of watt-hour meter are in accordance with GB/T15283-1994, IEC521-1998 and ANSI C12.1-2001. The products not only have the advantages of FD type series, but also have the outline and wiring modes of the Occident conventional types, they can be conveniently wired in single-phase two-wire and single-phase three-wire lines, and have a good sale in the international market.

Structural features:

Base shell: polycarbonate injection, good insulation, and reliable installation; 

Bed frame: aluminum-nickel-cobalt damping magnetic steel and silicon-aluminum alloy integrated casting, favorable strength and fine stability; 

Electromagnetic elements: silicon steel sheet of high magnetic property, current-voltage iron core riveted by quick working punch, extended magnetic pole face, special heat treatment and so on enable the product to have wide voltage range, low power consumption, wide current load, high sensitivity, etc;

Rotating element and bearing: super-high purity aluminum sheet and magnetic bearing with rather low running wear enable the meter to run steadily and start up smoothly without creeping phenomenon; 

Label: a special treated aluminum plate with favorable radiation protection capability; 

Register: there are drum and pointer two types. It adopts micro diecast and casting plastic technologies, the register runs flexibly, with low frictional moment and stable running; 

Shell: glass shell with super-high transparency. Technical parameters


XLM12 type 110


120V ;240V

Current basic(The largest current)

15(100) 30(200)A


50 or 60




5 whole black Analog drum and a wheel





Socket Energy Meter

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